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Transformational Fatigue

In this video I talk about what I call “transformational fatigue”, the burnout feeling you get sometimes when you’re going through a re-wiring of the energetic make-up of of your being. Any change, including change in your consciousness, can be exhausting. The intangible transformation can take up more energy and mental space than you’ve ever realized. Don’t judge yourself for… Read more →

Impostor Syndrome: Why You Don’t Need A Cure

Do you feel like an impostor at work? You know, the nagging feeling that you’re just faking your expertise and people will find out about you soon. Most experts would say that what you need is more self confidence or higher self esteem. But no, you have enough of those already. In this video I talk about the real reason… Read more →

What 2015 is About

This video is my intuitive visioning of what 2015 means for all who check any of the following – A. are energetically sensitive B. are going through a major transformation C. felt like shit sometimes in 2014 D. still feel like shit E. feel “emptied out“ F. feel life has been a standstill If you’re not any of these, you… Read more →

Choice v.s. Calling

Having options is freedom, until it’s not. The modern life offers a plethora of choices. So many that it becomes a burden. We spend insane amounts of time and energy gathering information for the choices we need to make. The process can make you run around all day yet accomplish little of meaning and value. The solution? Makes less choices,… Read more →

5 Things Confident Women Know (Useful to Guys As Well)

Good news: You don’t have to “believe in yourself” to be confident. In fact, it’s optimal that you don’t. The macho, ego-centric kind of confidence is so 20th-century. The truth is that no success is entirely “self-made”. Yes, believing that you created all your accomplishments makes you “confident”, for a while. But does it help you and the world on… Read more →

Karma and Other Bad Reasons to Become A Vegetarian

I was a vegetarian for half of my 20s. At that time, to me being a vegetarian simply meant you were on a diet, and I was never not on a diet. Being a vegetarian was especially convenient when sitting in a restaurant with a bunch of people, where I would be under peer pressure to participate in eating activities.… Read more →

How to Find the Important People in Your Life

There are two opposite camps when it comes to how to find those who will end up playing a large role in your life– the mentor, the mate, the good boss, the investor in your venture, the dog walker who’ll keep your neurotic pup exhausted. (Not necessarily in that order of importance.) Some say you need to be proactive, as… Read more →

My 7 Day Gratitude Challenge

Want to feel happier? Try thinking of something you’re grateful for every day when you get up and when you go to bed. It’s very effective and sounds so simple. But for most of us I believe this is probably easier said than done. Not because it’s difficult to give thanks, but because it requires a little discipline to make… Read more →

What to Do When You Don’t Like Your Job

It’s wonderful to follow your calling and chase your dreams.  But what if your current job is not your calling and you are just not ready for a drastic change, yet? The good news is you don’t have to feel stuck. On this week’s BananaOnFire, I share with you three tips to make the most out of the job you’re… Read more →

What Being Spiritual is NOT about

On this week’s BananaOnFire, I give you a tour around my altar at home. It used to be my favorite place in the house and I thought things I placed on there symbolized what being spiritual was all about. I couldn’t be more wrong. When we identify with the rituals, the tools, the belief system of our spirituality too much,… Read more →

The Jolly Good Fellow’s Account of Reincarnation

Last week I went to visit my friend Frances in the stunning Mount Shasta. The trip spurred many a dropped jaw at the wonder of nature, and — surprise, surprise– a new appreciation of reincarnation, which I’m going to tell you now.   On the second morning of the trip, after the previous day’s intensive hike in the mountains, I… Read more →

How the Law of Attraction “Really” Works

Law of attraction offers the glitzing hope that you can manipulate the Universe into giving you what you want by playing simple tricks. That’s why it’s so popular— it caters to the human instinct to control the future and makes our ego feel almightily powerful. But does it really work? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because the magic… Read more →

How to Make Someone Love You

It’s a full-time job that most of us do 24 hours a day and 7 days a week– to make other people love us. You may not realize what you are doing. But in fact, the charming personality, shining achievements, and amazing good look are mostly useless except that they serve one purpose– to make others love us. To be… Read more →

Women, Own Your Freedom!

A while ago, I bumped into a friend at a lunch party. She’s about my age, has recently got married and had a baby. My friend introduced me to her senior colleague— let’s all her Angela— a stylish, beautiful woman in her mid 40s. I liked Angela immediately and we struck up a conversation. After she left us to get… Read more →

Why Being Professional Sucks and How to Correct It

If you ever want to be more than mediocre in your career, then being professional is useless. I’m not talking about having the skills and know-hows to do your job. I’m talking about acting like a faceless, paper-thin business character out of an amateur novel, a behavior you’ll most likely recognize if you’ve spent anytime in an established corporation. If… Read more →

Finding Love the Easy Way

Have you ever felt finding love difficult? Have you ever felt all your hard work in pursuit of a loving, lasting relationship seems futile? Have you ever wondered, in a heartbreaking moment, if there’s anything wrong with you and if that special person is ever going to show up at all? Well, good news: you’re not crazy. If finding love… Read more →