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intention setting for empathic beings

Intentions Are Powerful (Especially If You’re An Empath)

Being an empath is powerful, but not until you know how to use that power. When you walk in the world as an empathic being, two things are constantly happening: 1. external situations are triggering what’s inside of you that’s unacknowledged, unloved and unhealed; 2. you’re being entrained into the energy fields of other people and places. That’s why setting… Read more →

What An Energetic Upgrade Feels Like (Watch this if you’re empathic/highly sensitive)

If you’re a highly empathic/sensitive person, you probably have an above-average amount of desire to help and heal others. Because you feel others’ pain so intensely (sometimes you’re more aware of someone’s pain than the person themselves), you make a mission of yours to uplift the world around you. However, such missions often end up in frustration. Because here’s the… Read more →