30 Day Gratitude Gym

If you want to stay fit physically, you should go to the gym and exercise regularly. If you want to stay fit spiritually, you should go to the gym also– to the gratitude gym. Gratitude is a powerful state of being. It expands your existence, opens your heart, lifts your spirit, and makes you an all-around cool person. It also creates the internal alignment for you to make whatever dreams of yours come true.

I was feeling a bit out of shape energetically and spiritually in recent weeks. The challenges of starting and running a new company started to feel too much at times. And I knew I had to do something.

That’s why I started the gratitude gym. For 30 days, I will be exercising my gratitude muscles as much as I can, and posting a video everyday about what I feel thankful for. You will benefit from watching these videos. But better yet– join me for training at the gratitude gym! I think you will find that this is a very rewarding exercise regime. See you there!


Day 1: I’m Going To The Gratitude Gym


Day 2: What You Absolutely Should Not Settle For In A Relationship


Day 3: Want To Make Things Happen? Focus On What’s Working


Day 4: What To Do When Darkness Is All You See


Day 5: Lift Your Mood in 5 Minutes: Massive Gratitude Bomb


Day 6: How Not To Turn Out Just Like Your Parents


Day 7: Using the Magic Mirror to Reach Your Goals


Day 8: What To Do When You Feel Impatient with Yourself


Day 9: Where Do Great Ideas Come From?


Day 10: Why Busyness Is So Overrated


Day 11: My Quest For Product Market Fit


Day 12: A Cardio Exercise in Gratitude


Day 13: Your Presence Is A Gift


Day 15: Thank the Person You Did A Favor For


Day 16: Give Yourself The Permission To Rest


Day 17: Don’t Operate From The Place Of Lack


Day 18: You Are The Guardian Of Your Talents


Day 19: When Perseverance Stops Being A Virtue


Day 20: Authenticity Is Hard Work


Day 21: What If There’s Beauty In Everything?


Day 22: Synchronicities


Day 23: In Emptiness There Is Eternal Life


Day 24: The Heart Is A Powerful Force


Day 25: True Inspirations Do Not “Feel Good”


Day 26: Being Empathic Is A Huge Gift


Day 27: Work Is A Privilege. Treat It Like One


Day 28: New Moon. New Beginning


Day 29: Learn To Appreciate The Unknown


Day 30: Gratitude For No Reason


Day 31: So Grateful That I Did This!

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