Choosing Trust

Being cynical is easy. It takes no effort on your part. Disillustionment is our instinctual response to disappointment. It’s a handy protection and an efficient way to navigate a world that is, and always will be, full of disappointments.

The only problem is this: Cynicism doesn’t make you happy. It will make you look cool in selected demographic groups. It will keep your hands clean and your house tidy. But you’ll never get to taste life’s juicy vitality to its fullest by guarding yourself so smartly.

For most of us, once our age passes single digit, staying open and trusting becomes a conscious choice. It’s a choice between safety and fulfillment. It’s a choice between intact banality and injured glory. Make no mistake. If you dare to choose the latter, you’ll be hurt, beaten, and heartbroken at times. You may cry your eyes out for more times than you think is your fair share.

Destiny will be your protection. And truth will be your reward.

You’ll expand. You’ll grow. You’ll travel to places inside humanity that you never imagine existed. And eventually you’ll feel so in sync with the Universe as if you were soul mates.

One day when you look back, it’ll be so obvious to you which one is the better choice. But you don’t have the privilege of hindsight right now. All you have is courage.

Which way would you choose?

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