Disruption Is The Path to Personal Freedom

From the view of your human self, disruptions are terrible events. From the view of your soul, disruptions are some of the greatest blessings life can ever give you.

In particular, expansion of consciousness and greater personal freedom rely on two kinds of disruptions:

  1. Disruption of personal identity
  2. Disruption between action and result 

The first disruption brings the realization that your real identity is not a small human, but an unbreakable, undestroyable manifestation of the eternal light of consciousness. The second disruption reveals the nature of this reality, not as chains of cause and effect, but as events and happenings that get created and uncreated.

To your higher self, events that can bring about these realizations are tremendously fortunate. But to your human self, they totally suck. 

In Episode 95 of the School of Intuition, I talk about the relationship between disruptions and growth, why the two disruptions mentioned above are the source of personal freedom, and how they are applicable to you in your own search for greater expansion and growth.



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