Feeling Good Enough Has Nothing to Do with How Good You Are

The feeling of self inadequacy, and the shame, guilt, sadness associated with it, is a most human among human traits. We’re so used to it that most of the time you’re probably not even aware that you’re feeling not good enough.

The pop culture of empowerment prescribes positive self belief as an antidote– if you’re feeling inadequate, you’re not talking to yourself correctly. Stop the negative thinking and believe in yourself! You’re the smartest, funniest and most good looking! The best thing that’s happened to humanity since sliced bread!

Well, if you tell someone with an IQ of 50 that they’re the smartest and will one day win the Nobel Prize if they just give math a try, I’m not sure whether that’s empowerment or hypocrisy. 

The thing is feeling good enough has nothing to do with how good you are in X, whatever X is. And there is a different, more fundamental cure for the very human issue of self image. 

In episode 71 of the School of Intuition soundcast, I talk about the limits of positive self talk and the real antidote to the feeling of inadequacy. We’ll also walk through an exercise together to help you integrate the new perspective into your human operating system.



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