IMG_2046Hi, I’m Natasha Che. On this website I talk about what it takes to live your highest potential in work and life (besides owning a sexy Halloween costume).

While there are many paths leading to that same goal, the one I believe is the most effective involves this:

inner mastery leads to outer attainment.

If you master being who you truly are, what you want from the outside world will follow.

Inner mastery is the most efficient, wholesome, and productive way to get what you want out of life, while uplifting the world with you along the ride. 

Some call this approach “spiritual” or “new-agey”. Those are funny words people use to make sense of themselves and typecast others. Whatever they mean to you, what you will not find on this site are these–

  • Tactics, tricks, or short-term fixes 
  • Sanskrit mantras for manifesting your soulmate (or a billion dollars)
  • Messages from your angels
  • Success-guaranteed business plans
  • What exactly you should do with your life (I can tell you where to look, but you need to earn your own clarity)
  • Tips for getting rid of your shortcomings (shortcomings are an optical illusion. If you see them, you haven’t looked closely.)

How disappointing…what’s a personal development blog without any of the above! Yeah, I know. But bear with me. There are other things that I may be able to help you with that I think are more useful in the long run:

  • Navigating the confusing process of destruction and rebirth that inevitably happens on your path to growth
  • Developing your personal power and deepening your self-love
  • Discovering your unique life path
  • Making choices aligned with your highest destiny, while being grounded in who you really are 
  • Becoming your bigger self and leveraging your best gifts to create meaningful work
  • Trusting your inner guidance and the perfect working of the Universe

* * * * *

Questions & Answers

  • Who the heck are you? Do you have a therapy license or a [insert fancy degree]? Why should I listen to you?

I’m a visionary, a practical idealist, a synthetic thinker, an empath, a doer. I have a knack for distilling insights from experiences and for seeing the forest through the trees. I’ve been a seeker of truth for as long as I could remember. There’re more personal growth modalities I studied than the pairs of shoes Kim Kardashian owned. But these days, what I write / talk about come directly from conversations with my own inner knowings.

No, I don’t have any psychology degree. Neither am I “licensed” by anyone. I don’t follow any books and I don’t plan to. While I respect licenses and educational degrees, they are simply specific sets of rules and perspectives humans created to make sense of the world. Most of us follow the set rules as though they were solid truth. Because authorities make us feel safe and because we don’t trust our own inner authority. We don’t trust that we are already in touch with the Source of all knowledge. We think others know more than us.

They don’t. 

Pardon my cynicism about education. I have three college degrees and a PhD. It took over 20 years of formal education for me to realize I didn’t need schools to learn things. I’m apparently a slow learner. Don’t be like me. 

You should listen to me not because I have more authority than you. You should listen only when what I say confirms your inner authority. I’m only the fire starter that lights your own inner wisdom. And you have enough wisdom to enlighten the whole world.

Ok, I’m done with that pep talk. Almost.

Still not convinced? Tell me, which school did Jesus and Buddha go to? Who gave them their license to teach? 

  • Did you just compare yourself to Buddha and Jesus? 

Yes, I did. You should, too. You carry the DNA of the creative universe by the mere fact that you’re born. Any other humans, no matter how impressive they seem, are at most a couple steps ahead of you on their evolutionary journey. Otherwise you wouldn’t even dwell on the same earth plane. 

  • Why are you talking about all this stuff?

I don’t do this for fame or fortune. I do my audio courses and blog only because I feel called to share what I’ve gone through and learned because I know they would help someone out there to be less confused and more inspired. This is a service to you. And I hope you go on to be an inspiration and serve a lot more others.

  • What’s your own growth journey like? How can others learn from your experience?

Read this. And this.

  • Are you selling dreams and hopes? Starting a business, going into a creative career, or marching to your own drum is risky. What responsibility do you feel as a guide towards your followers that they may follow your guidance on a path that leads to broken dreams and shattered lives? What if they’d be better off following a conventional path?

Let me be clear. This is not about which path you choose. Every path is valid…to someone. The question is whether that someone is you. I’m not telling you to follow my guidance. I’m telling you to follow the guidance of your own truth. I’m telling you if you want to realize your highest destiny, there’s no other way than to follow your own inner knowing. For most of us, this is difficult. It’s difficult because we live in a noisy world. The voices of societal conventions, parents, friends, heritages, and our own critical mind are much louder than the whisper of your inner truth. It takes immense courage, wisdom, and self-awareness to follow the latter.

That’s why I’m here nudging you, cheering you on, challenging you to cut through the noise and trust your own inner guidance. Want proof that this is hard to do? Read your question out loud back to yourself. Do you notice how much fear there is in this question? It’s ok to be afraid. We all are. I’m telling you to love your fear but do what you need to do. The trust in your inner knowing is a muscle that needs to be exercised through action. That muscle will not get stronger if you just sit on your butt and think about how risky it is or what if you pick the wrong path.

  • Do you offer one-on-one mentoring?

I used to. But now I’m simply too occupied with various other projects. Sorry.

  • Can I ask you a question about my own personal growth?

You may. But I won’t personally answer most of them. If you have a question, subscribe to my soundcast and leave a comment on the Soundwise app. If the question is relevant for other people in this tribe as well, I’ll answer it in my future episodes.

  • What else do you do?

Right now most of my attention is devoted to macroeconomic research and running an audio publishing startup. Both are incredibly challenging and rewarding callings. Won’t have it any other way.