Your Relationship(s) Stopped Working? Congratulations! Ep 10

I’m sure you’ve noticed…you behave differently around different people. Each relationship of yours fulfill specific psychological and energetic needs for you and the other person. There’re implicit contracts we have with everyone in our life—most time we’re not aware of it—regarding what we give and what we receive in the relationship. That’s why most relationship dynamics are quite stylized— we tend to interact with someone in the same way over and over. Even when a relationship doesn’t feel fulfilling, you’re still getting what you want out of it in the way of your contract…and for better or worse, that’s why you’re still in a relationship with that person…

But the thing is people change. We all do. And when consciousness changes, it disrupts the existing equilibrium of a relationship. The set dynamics breaks down. And the ego never takes it well. We feel hurt, betrayed, confused, unloved. We want to go back to the old way. But if you’re on a path of conscious evolution, the disruption to your existing dynamics is always a calling to look beyond the social, psychological considerations and find the deeper truth of the relationship…


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