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The Cut-to-the-Chase Way to Resolve Stress for Good

The Cut-to-the-Chase Way to Resolve Stress for Good

Most approaches that claim to help with stress cure the symptoms, not the cause. That’s why they are called “stress management”– they make your stress and anxiety more manageable, but they don’t make them go away. Earlier this week I had to have a sit-down talk with myself because I was feeling overwhelmed. So I channeled the Source to explore… Read more →

your beliefs are not that important

Your “Limiting Beliefs” Are Not That Important

Many on the spiritual path believe that they have to diligently work on their beliefs. Because beliefs carry vibrations and “change your thoughts, change your life”, no? While it’s true that beliefs impact your state of being and working on them can be incredibly empowering and life-affirming in certain situations, the belief about the importance of beliefs often becomes counter-productive… Read more →