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Ego, Creative Battle, and Death of A Goldfish

Writing is hard. Writing a book is insane.   I sit down to write, my palms sweating and Saturn’s fat ass sitting right on my heart. I can’t breathe.   Oh, this is too hard.   I manipulate each sentence. I spent half an hour picking a right word in paragraph three, as if hoping it would save the entire… Read more →

The Dog Who’s Afraid of Papayas

I was cutting a papaya this afternoon. And my dog Tolphin walked up to me, sat down, and stared straight at that orange-colored fruit, basically saying “What’s that? I want some, too!” I said, “No, you don’t. This is for me.” Tolphin is a meat & potato kind of dog. I’ve tried so many times to make him eat fruit… Read more →

The Secret to Creating Your Competitive Advantage

Economists say for a country to grow, it must make full use of its “comparative advantage”. Management gurus say for a firm to thrive, it must play well its “competitive advantage”. Life coaches tell you that to succeed in career and life, you should invest and cultivate your “unique strength”. The rationale for such advices is very simple. But if… Read more →

How to Get What You Really Want

If you are an ordinary human like me, you have wants and desires. You may think that you want money, a wonderful mate, children, a decent job, a nice car. However, nobody really wants anything but happiness. And most of us are conditioned to think the reason we want this and that is because “When I have this and that,… Read more →

How to Follow Your Heart

I was standing at Gate 53 of Dulles International Airport on a Saturday morning of the early spring, feeling a little lost. I was waiting for my flight to go on a work trip overseas. My flight was still two hours away. I could have gone to the lounge to chat with my colleagues, review the work documents, read a… Read more →