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Here Are the 3 Main Approaches to Healing. They Are Not Created Equal

When we keep acting out of the programming stored in our “local storage” (i.e. our physical and energetic body), which rarely updates, we stop growing. Or worse, we let past traumas and negative experiences define our present behaviors.  Healing involves doing something to your existing programming. And generally there’re three things you can do: Edit / rewrite the programming  Change… Read more →

The Miraculous Healing Opportunity at Every Moment

The Miraculous Healing Opportunity at Every Moment

When life present you with challenging people and situations, do you automatically start wondering what the hell is wrong with you, or what spiritual performance you need to deliver to avoid “attracting” such bad luck into your sphere? If so, stop. When the Universe is repeatedly throwing challenging situations at you that are of similar nature, it’s for one reason… Read more →

Love And Intuition: Why You Attract People Who Are Not Good for You

Love And Intuition: Why You Attract People Who Are Not Good for You

From time to time I get listener messages that share with me their relationship “situations”, often times right after someone got their heart broken and they are feeling distraught. Sometimes they even say thing like, “I don’t know why, but I always manage to pick the wrong person!’ Intimate relationships are almost always huge growth and healing opportunities, no matter… Read more →

Heartbreak Is Your Catalyst For Freedom

In this episode of True Voyage I talk about the relationships that don’t “work out”. As long as you’re human, you’ve probably had those. And sucky as they are, those are a primary tool life uses to help you evolve in consciousness. Heartbreak is life’s invitation to you to deepen the love affair with your precious self. And more importantly–for… Read more →

Be a committed partner to your pain

Be A Committed Partner To Your Pain

For the light of your consciousness to illuminate the world, For you to become the healing presence you came to this planet to be, first you have to BE HERE. That sounds plain and simple. But for many energetically sensitive beings walking the path of liberation and authenticity, we are never fully “here”. Because we feel so much and the… Read more →