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Three Lessons in Intuitive Decision Making

Reality is complex and truth has many layers. When you try to follow your intuition about a situation, feel like you’re getting some genuine insight about the situation, and yet still feel confused or ambiguous about what you need to do, it may be time to ask yourself, which part of truth am I seeing? Take a not-so-uncommon example. Say,… Read more →

How to Get Intuitive Epiphanies

How to Get Intuitive Epiphanies

It’s easy to talk about “listening to your inner voice” on a theoretical level. But in reality, there are a lot of different voices talking in your head at any given moment. Your thoughts are constantly influenced by a great many different people and things. Some you are aware of, others you are not.   So which one is the voice… Read more →

Are You Being Intuitive Or Just Nuts?

Are You Being Intuitive Or Just Nuts? Ep 22

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON SOUNDWISE You’re having a thought. Is it a divinely inspired intuition? Or is it random mind chattering? Many people ask me how they can learn to trust their path and not freak out when things don’t seem to go their way. I always tell people to start by learning to differentiate real intuition from other… Read more →