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The Myth of Past Life

The Myth of Past Life

There are perhaps 1,000 people on earth today who firmly believe they were Cleopatra in their past life. There are probably another 1,000 who are convinced that they are Jesus Christ reborn.  Are they for real, or totally out of their mind?  The answer is actually not binary on this. Because as often happens, the truth, when perceived and narrated… Read more →

The Best Habit to Boost Your Intuition And Improve Decision Making

The Best Habit to Boost Your Intuition And Improve Decision Making

From time to time I get emails from strangers asking me to teach them how to become a “psychic”.  Unhelpful as it is, that’s a common misunderstanding of what intuition is. Many people think it’s some sort of supernatural power that, if acquired, would be a handy trick in their bargaining with life. Real intuition is anything but. Real intuition,… Read more →

A Simple Secret to Fast Track Your Life And Career

A Simple Secret to Fast Track Your Life And Career

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON SOUNDWISE The most useful principles that catapult your growth are SIMPLE, whether it’s growth in your personal, spiritual, financial or work life. Because they are simple, most people tend to disregard them. And because they don’t usually give you immediate results (though they really set you apart from everyone else in 5 to 10 years),… Read more →

How I Learned To Trust My Destiny

How I Learned To Trust My Destiny

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON SOUNDWISE Most spiritual traditions teach the virtue of surrendering, letting go, and trusting the higher plan. But if it’s that easy to do, there wouldn’be be any need to preach about it. “Let go and let God” is one of those things easier to talk about than to actually implement. In this episode of the… Read more →

Why You Never Seem to Have Enough Time

Why You Never Seem to Have Enough Time

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON SOUNDWISE Time is the ultimate scarce resource on this earth. For most people time is always in fixed supply, cannot be reproduced, and something they never have enough of! But what if I tell you that you can actually have more time? It’s not that difficult and doesn’t involve voodoo magic or a PhD degree.… Read more →

The Two-Letter Word That Will Change Your Life

The Two-Letter Word That Will Change Your Life, Ep 27

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON SOUNDWISE A lot of empathic light beings operate in semi-hiding mode, struggling to confidently embody who they really are, and to bring their unique gifts into the world. Because they feel they don’t belong in this world and other people do not “understand”. But when we hide our light, we become bitter and frustrated. When… Read more →

true voyage with natasha che

Your Relationship(s) Stopped Working? Congratulations! Ep 10

I’m sure you’ve noticed…you behave differently around different people. Each relationship of yours fulfill specific psychological and energetic needs for you and the other person. There’re implicit contracts we have with everyone in our life—most time we’re not aware of it—regarding what we give and what we receive in the relationship. That’s why most relationship dynamics are quite stylized— we… Read more →

how to sleep your way to the top

How To Sleep Your Way To The Top

If you want to make things happen faster in your external reality, get more sleep. If you want to embody the light of your highest consciousness and be a force of positive change in the world, get more sleep. If you want to attract the right relationships, opportunities, partners and clients into your life, get more sleep. In this episode… Read more →

your beliefs are not that important

Your “Limiting Beliefs” Are Not That Important

Many on the spiritual path believe that they have to diligently work on their beliefs. Because beliefs carry vibrations and “change your thoughts, change your life”, no? While it’s true that beliefs impact your state of being and working on them can be incredibly empowering and life-affirming in certain situations, the belief about the importance of beliefs often becomes counter-productive… Read more →

Be a committed partner to your pain

Be A Committed Partner To Your Pain

For the light of your consciousness to illuminate the world, For you to become the healing presence you came to this planet to be, first you have to BE HERE. That sounds plain and simple. But for many energetically sensitive beings walking the path of liberation and authenticity, we are never fully “here”. Because we feel so much and the… Read more →

are you afraid of freedom?

Are You Afraid of Freedom?

Many claim they want more freedom. But few are actually able to handle real freedom. The truth is whatever constraints and limitations we have in life also provide security, predictability and comfort. Most people would rather have that…than freedom. Though it may seem otherwise, what’s really stopping you from having more freedom is not external constraints. But rather, internal alignment.… Read more →

How long will it take you to get enlightened

How Long Will It Take You to Get Enlightened?

The other day I got an email from a reader who’s going through her version of inner purgatory. “How can one get through the day when everything feels so heavy and when months and months pass by and there is no relief in sight?” She asked. “How can one trust that a better life is out there, that a better… Read more →

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do with Your Life

How do you find your life’s calling? The fantasy: You’re struck by lightning one day and promptly realize what your purpose on earth is, aka, that “one thing”. You go do that one thing, you succeed, and you are happy ever after. The reality: You have some inspirations here and there. You’re not sure what to do. You follow false promises… Read more →

What to Do When You are in the Gutter of Awakening

If you’ve been through any major internal awakening/ transformation in your life, you would know that this is rarely a comfortable process, and oftentimes downright painful. I recently received a very articulate email from an amazing person who is experiencing such a transformation. In this video I’ll read you part of what she wrote, because I feel many of you who read my… Read more →