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The Wisdom of Confusion

The Wisdom of Confusion

Confusion is a state that the mind desperately tries to get out of, as soon as it finds itself in it. Shock is often times our first response to any unexpected incidents, trauma and loss in life. And then there’s the inevitable question of “why did this happen to me”, and it’s spiritual variation– “why did God let this happen”.… Read more →

Making Peace with Shame

Making Peace with Shame

Shame is one of the most powerful programming that run on the human operating system. It’s powerful partly because we impulsively want to run away from it, and what you avoid inevitably holds power over you. It’s also powerful because unlike other so called negative emotions, such as fear, sadness, and anger, the target of shame is almost always the… Read more →

Love And Intuition: Your #1 Job In A Relationship

Love And Intuition: Your #1 Job In A Relationship

Your #1 job in an intimate relationship is to love. While on paper that seems like a no brainer, very few people actually treat their relationships that way. In most cases the human self has other agendas. And despite how much we consciously think we want to love and be loved, most of us are actually afraid of love because… Read more →

Love And Intuition: Why You Attract People Who Are Not Good for You

Love And Intuition: Why You Attract People Who Are Not Good for You

From time to time I get listener messages that share with me their relationship “situations”, often times right after someone got their heart broken and they are feeling distraught. Sometimes they even say thing like, “I don’t know why, but I always manage to pick the wrong person!’ Intimate relationships are almost always huge growth and healing opportunities, no matter… Read more →

how to read people's energy

How To Read People’s Energy In 3 Seconds, Ep 18

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON SOUNDWISE Imagine how much more effective your social interactions would be if you could read anyone’s “vibe” on the spot. Want to know who to talk to as you walk into a networking event? Try to decide if you should go on a second date with the charming stranger from Tinder? Want to know how… Read more →

true voyage with natasha che

Your Relationship(s) Stopped Working? Congratulations! Ep 10

I’m sure you’ve noticed…you behave differently around different people. Each relationship of yours fulfill specific psychological and energetic needs for you and the other person. There’re implicit contracts we have with everyone in our life—most time we’re not aware of it—regarding what we give and what we receive in the relationship. That’s why most relationship dynamics are quite stylized— we… Read more →

Heartbreak Is Your Catalyst For Freedom

In this episode of True Voyage I talk about the relationships that don’t “work out”. As long as you’re human, you’ve probably had those. And sucky as they are, those are a primary tool life uses to help you evolve in consciousness. Heartbreak is life’s invitation to you to deepen the love affair with your precious self. And more importantly–for… Read more →

intimacy is a great teacher

Intimacy Is A Great Teacher

For many light beings, the purpose of intimate relationships is not what it seems to be. And ultimately, the relationships are there to facilitate the healing and growth of your human self, by allowing you to see and heal what need to be healed in you and by helping you burn through layers of whatever is stopping you from being… Read more →

Want to be a better you? Analyze less, love more

Want to Be A Better You? Analyze Less, Love More

Have you ever taken an online personality test? Or believed that you have some inconvenient idiosyncrasies because of a childhood trauma? We live in a world that worships analysis. We like to analyze, evaluate, classify and probe into our own psyche, behaviors, emotions and habits, in the name of “self improvement”. And we like to do this to others even… Read more →

Why you haven't found the one

Why You Haven’t Found “The One”

Lots of my readers ask me when they will find “the one”. Recently I got this message from a lovely person: “I want to meet a love partner, but it just doesn’t seem to come my way yet. Mind you I am not desperate. But I have a lot of capacity for love. I don’t know where to direct it except… Read more →

Why You Lost the People You Loved

Why You Lost the People You Loved

If you’ve ever lost anyone you loved—to a breakup, a divorce, an illness, a death—you probably wondered, in the depth of those sleepless nights when you were engrossed in pain and enraged against the Universe…what’s the point?   No matter whose “fault” it was– yours, theirs, God’s, and no matter how much the outcome could be justified, your pain is… Read more →

how to get the person you love back

How to Get the Person You Love Back

↑ That’s a trick title. Gotcha! April fools! Yay! But sweetheart, what make you think it’s a good idea to get them back? In this video, I answer a million-dollar relationship question that’s as old as humanity itself, and that has recently manifested itself in my email inbox as a reader request. I talk about a common relationship pattern of many empathic… Read more →