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Are You Being Intuitive Or Just Nuts?

Are You Being Intuitive Or Just Nuts? Ep 22

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON SOUNDWISE You’re having a thought. Is it a divinely inspired intuition? Or is it random mind chattering? Many people ask me how they can learn to trust their path and not freak out when things don’t seem to go their way. I always tell people to start by learning to differentiate real intuition from other… Read more →

your beliefs are not that important

Your “Limiting Beliefs” Are Not That Important

Many on the spiritual path believe that they have to diligently work on their beliefs. Because beliefs carry vibrations and “change your thoughts, change your life”, no? While it’s true that beliefs impact your state of being and working on them can be incredibly empowering and life-affirming in certain situations, the belief about the importance of beliefs often becomes counter-productive… Read more →

You Have Negative Thoughts? Ok. So What?

A friend of my Facebook page asked me this question: I get these negative feelings of people… I know I have to stop the negativity but it isn’t easy. I know every thought you think has energy… so what steps can I take to maintain a positive outlook especially about other people? My answer: Step 1. Stop thinking you have… Read more →