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The Wisdom of Confusion

The Wisdom of Confusion

Confusion is a state that the mind desperately tries to get out of, as soon as it finds itself in it. Shock is often times our first response to any unexpected incidents, trauma and loss in life. And then there’s the inevitable question of “why did this happen to me”, and it’s spiritual variation– “why did God let this happen”.… Read more →

What to Eat for Expediting Inner Transformation (Especially for Empaths)

What to Eat for Expediting Inner Transformation (Especially for Empaths)

When people tell me about their experience of going through intense periods of inner transformation, it typically includes side effects like these:  Overwhelm, depression, frustration, spaciness, lack of drive, lack of focus, chronic exhaustion, mood swings, trouble sleeping. There are many reasons why you may be experiencing some of these symptoms. But not all of these reasons are spiritual or… Read more →

How to Live as The Source with Kasey And Brad Wallis

How to Live as The Source with Kasey And Brad Wallis

What does it mean to live as the Source? How can you find the courage to express your own truth, live more fearlessly, and pursue your highest potential? Kasey and Brad Wallis are renowned facilitators of expanding consciousness. Since Brad’s near-death experience, they have been conduits for an advanced intelligence named Julius, who offers messages of empowerment and enlightenment for… Read more →

Heartbreak Is Your Catalyst For Freedom

In this episode of True Voyage I talk about the relationships that don’t “work out”. As long as you’re human, you’ve probably had those. And sucky as they are, those are a primary tool life uses to help you evolve in consciousness. Heartbreak is life’s invitation to you to deepen the love affair with your precious self. And more importantly–for… Read more →

is astrology useful?

Is Astrology Useful? (Solar Eclipse Special)

Many believe that the solar eclipse that’s ongoing today (Aug 21) has been affecting both the world affairs and individual lives in creating chaos, conflicts and disharmony. Personally I’ve had a turbulent week emotionally and energetically. When I mentioned it to a friend, she immediately went, “oh, it’s because of the solar eclipse!”. Is it? When things don’t go our… Read more →

How long will it take you to get enlightened

How Long Will It Take You to Get Enlightened?

The other day I got an email from a reader who’s going through her version of inner purgatory. “How can one get through the day when everything feels so heavy and when months and months pass by and there is no relief in sight?” She asked. “How can one trust that a better life is out there, that a better… Read more →

How to Accelerate Your Personal Transformation

Every month I get lots of emails from people around the world telling me about their journey of personal transformation. Every story I hear is so amazing and unique. But at the end of the emails I’m almost always asked the same questions— “Omg what I’m going through is so painful. When is it going to end?” “How do I… Read more →

Transformational Fatigue

In this video I talk about what I call “transformational fatigue”, the burnout feeling you get sometimes when you’re going through a re-wiring of the energetic make-up of of your being. Any change, including change in your consciousness, can be exhausting. The intangible transformation can take up more energy and mental space than you’ve ever realized. Don’t judge yourself for… Read more →

What 2015 is About

This video is my intuitive visioning of what 2015 means for all who check any of the following – A. are energetically sensitive B. are going through a major transformation C. felt like shit sometimes in 2014 D. still feel like shit E. feel “emptied out“ F. feel life has been a standstill If you’re not any of these, you… Read more →

7 Signs You’re Experiencing Major Spiritual Awakening

(Art by Julia Watkins) Life has thrown suffering your way and propelled you on a truth-seeking path. There’s no turning back. If you’re anything like me, you’ve meditated, gone to workshops, read books, listened to the masters. You’ve healed your past-life traumas and embraced your shadows. You’ve been feeling incrementally better, and theoretically wiser. Because you’re almost a spiritual Wikipedia… Read more →