This Is What Happens When You Let Go of Energetic Protection

Sunglasses protect your eyes. But if you’re a painter working on your next watercolor masterpiece, you wouldn’t wear sunglasses doing it, would you? The glasses that protect you from harmful UV light also limits the perception in color wavelengths. And the latter is an essential gift for any artist doing their creative work.

Energetic protections of various forms work in a similar way. They block out distablizing or toxic external signals that can overwhelm your physical and neurological system. But in doing so they also limit the deep perception and insights about reality that are your superhuman gifts as an empathic light being.

In a sense, the consciousness evolution you’re going through is a transformation towards higher “processing power”, so that you can process and transmute larger and larger volumes of external stimuli without the destabilizing side effects. In other words, you’d need less and less “protections”, so that the potential of profound insight, intuition, and discernment can be manifested with ease in your realm of consciousness.

The road to get there can be confusing though. 

In Episode 91 of the School of Intuition, I talk about a wave of energetic upgrade that I experienced over the past couple weeks, which involved letting go one of the most important energetic protections I had in my life over the past decade. I’ll dissect the signs and symptoms of the shift, and explain why they happen in their particular ways. This episode will give you insights and support on your own path of consciousness evolution.


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