Why Your Intuition Is Not “Correct” Sometimes And What to Do about It

There’re few “big picture” skills that will benefit your life in the long term as much as having a solid, intuitive connection with your higher self.

If you learn to train and follow your authentic intuition, you’ll live a life of few regrets at the end of the day, because you’ll have fulfilled every potential and promise your particular human journey has in store.

Yet you may find that a lot of times the supposedly intuitive messages you get turn out to be not-so-accurate. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not getting “the real thing”.

There’re many reasons why your intuition is not correct. In Episode 67 of the School of Intuition (premium edition), I talk about some of those reasons. We’ll look at three common types of intuitive messages and the respective pitfalls in interpreting them:

  1. Predictions about the future (e.g. Will the stock market crash next week?)
  2. Insights about a situation or other people’s motivations (e.g. Does he love you?)
  3. Imperatives to do or not do something (e.g. Sell your house and move to Australia!)

I’ll also talk about the more productive way to ask your higher self for help when you’re confused about a decision, and clear the air about some common misunderstandings on what you should use your intuition for.



* * *

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